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Our Customer Service Satisfaction Score has risen from 89% to 96% from the early beginning of our CSAT recordings. As far as 1999 all the way to the present day, we have received customer service ratings of 5 stars and contracted client ratings of 10/10.

We have positively influenced the client experience by practicing client-centricity. We have a dedicated department for nearly every service industry, including teams who possess extreme knowledge and drive. We also recognize that customer ratings not only come from the execution of the desired service but also from the manner and speed in which it is done.


We, at Transfer Express, prioritize our clients!

We can offer you the option of sending our automated customer service surveys following each closed call, text, or email interaction between our employees and your customers. This can be net calculated at the end of each package you purchase to give you a CSAT that will help you evaluate our employees’ performance. We will also offer you a survey at the end of each package or contract period to evaluate our support staff. It is extremely important to us to gauge our impact on your clientele, as well as you – our most important client. 

Respondents use the following scale:

  1. Very Unsatisfied
  2. Unsatisfied
  3. Neutral
  4. Satisfied
  5. Very Satisfied

 In response to questions such as:

How satisfied were you with our service today?

How would you rate your satisfaction with the way your representative handled your situation?

Our research finds that these seemingly simple answers provide an accurate likelihood of this customer returning or recommending your services to others.

We strive to raise our CSAT even higher, working diligently, with a projected increase of 2% every year as we implement new practices to elevate the customer experience. Furthermore, we aim to carry others with us along the way; let us help you raise your CSAT today!

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