Prime Service

Prime Customer Service Designed for Top Floor Executives, Enterprises and Business owners

Prime Service = Unlimited.

How Prime Service Works

How Prime Service Works

In the early-stage, we will ask you questions that will help us understand your needs and expectations. Following your vision, we will craft an outstanding package that will cover everything you are looking for. 

Spend Less, Gain More:

  • Unlimited Talk Time.
  • Unlimited Emails.
  • Representatives dedicated only to supporting you.
  • Unlimited Texts.
  • Unlimited Live Chat.
  • Recording of calls, emails, and massages - available for you.
  • Emailing information and Texting updates at no additional cost. 
  • The unique phone number is assigned just for you.
  • HIPAA Compliant service.
  • Service will continue to function in event of power, telephone, or internet outages.
  • Guaranteed price✅

With Prime Service, you get it all. You gain unlimited time and unlimited working potentials, preselected fixed days and hours, and dedicated representatives only working for your brand.

With this option, you gain the most!

Push it to the limit! Reveal the territory previously hidden - Enjoy Prime! 

"Communication improves the value you bring to your company and your personal brand."

- Warren Edward Buffett

You are in a Position of Control

You are in a Position of Control

Prime Service provides a creative staffing solution. Representatives will be crafted to fit your business model, without the need for you to interview, hire and train.

Skip the hiring headache with our Staffing Solutions.

Having full control is equally important as having the friendly, smart, professional, communication expert representatives that will be the face of your business. We take this task quite seriously. There is no mistake about it. 

You can control the days in a week, and select hours that representatives are online. Additionally, night shift solutions are available. As well as continuous 24-hour coverage. 

Suiting yourself and your business for growth.

It's Prime Time!

Custom Made for You to Enjoy!

Custom Made for You to Enjoy!

This approach makes it much more detailed, we take each and every measure to make sure that we are on point.

Everything, literally everything, will be focused on you, your goals, and your success. We take the utmost pride in not only delivering but overdelivering results.

This includes carefully selected Representatives that will be fully dedicated to you and receiving specialized training only to support your needs.

Give yourself a timeout while we take care of the business!




This Service is 100% customizable, as well as designed for you and your business to both reach maximum potential. 

        5 Easy Steps to Start Your Prime Service


1. First make an inquiry- call us directly or complete a quick form so we can get in touch with you if that's more convenient. 


2. We will give you our suggestions and recommendations to help you determine the best service package for your personal or business needs. 


3. Once you nail down the service package with our expert help, you will know all the details and included features. 


4. After the booking, you will receive all the confirmations via email where your agent will let you know exactly the window your Representative(s) will be ready to START. 


5. The final email will be asking for you to push the START button. After your confirmation, we will be able to launch. Congratulations!


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5 Easy Steps to Start your Prime Service
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