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Best Secretary in the World for You and Your Business with Prime Service

Transfer Express is Always on a Mission

  • Answer all calls,
  • Reply to SMS, texts, and chats,
  • Write all emails,
  • Complete all tasks, 
  • Finish strong!


By helping you every day, we exceed common results. Transfer Express International has built its reputation on excellent service. 

Breaking down complexity into details for extra precision and higher quality work. 

Representatives are in the mood to overcome your expectations. Your Secretaries are dedicated only to you.
Building success for your name, one conversation at a time!

Cold Mountains
Trained to Perfection!

Trained to Perfection!

Representatives' training includes practices about all possible situations and the best way to solve any upcoming events. 

Knowledge of different languages. 

Service is fully equipped- Unlimited options. Endless potential. 

Constant training and unstoppable thinking for improvement are both keys to our discipline.

Call us Express... Transfer Express. 

Feel Special

Feel Special

Experience support at every moment.

Upgrade your Business. Expand to the maximum!

Where everything is carefully pre-selected. Every detail is covered and taken care of.

Your Ultimate Representative.



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Prime Service includes a specially crafted team of dedicated Representatives just for you.

We are interested in learning more about your business or personal needs, your styles, and everyday duties in order to completely cover and assist you. 

Absolutely customizable, we will work with you to design a plan for your success based on your previous wins and all new interests. Consulting you every step of the way and developing strategies with goals that will help your business grow!

Unlimited capabilities deliver you the peace of mind that you truly deserve.


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