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Have you ever dialed the telephone in order to have your problem quickly resolved and it didn't go the way you imagined it?

This can entail a variety of random situations that could require immediate attention and assistance, for example - calling a rent-a-car center to check if there is anything available for today, calling on speed dial to order with your favorite restaurant for a quick pick up, looking for help with recommendations and suggestions while shopping online, calling your stock exchange broker or simply booking any new reservation live via telephone or internet. 

There is nothing worse than an unhelpful person on the phone in the moments you need help... 


  • How many times have you witnessed rude staff on the other side of the phone that just seems bored, impolite, not even listening, showing a complete lack of interest, or just doesn't care at all? Under no control, they are not paying any attention to point of ruining the credibility and reputation of your or someone else's brand.

  • How many times have you had a rough time for no reason? Unnecessarily rushed you over the phone or even hung up on you? 

  • How many times have you experienced agents over the phone lying?

  • Not to remember the times you spent hours over the phone and haven't solved anything. 

  • How many times has it happened that you can not understand a word that the agent is trying to say...

  • There were also times when agents let their Egos get involved so the conversations take a slightly personal turn instead of remaining professional all the time. Representing the Brand.

  • How many robots have you communicated to? Press 2..... Press 1..... Press 5..... Press 0.....

  • How many times have you been transferred multiple times to other agents during a single phone call?
  • Not having access to management or any real help support. 

  • How many times have you experienced bad customer service via phone/chat/email for an unknown reason?


These types of cases, unfortunately, happened to customers in the USA and worldwide every day causing the great majority of people to experience the same scenarios. 

In fact, our studies show that more than 84% of new clients that reach out to your business via phone first time will consider someone else if you haven't set professional personnel to handle their questions and/or request. 


We stand to provide your firm with professional and custom-made beginning to the end phone call assistance for all your clients and new customers. 

Transfer Express International is there! We like to remind you that we already might have communicated in the past - Without you even noticing us. While providing 24/7 worldwide service our expertise is to sound, work and act 100% as your best Representatives and Ambassadors for your company and brand. We support each and every industry. Following your specific protocols, standards, and guidance, all while providing excellent service. 

We are famous world wide for Top Tier Outsourcing - B2B Services.

Present on all major social media platforms, available via email and text. Feel free to chat! 


Call us today to experience customer service at its finest. 

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