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Jersey City - New Jersey
Jersey City - New Jersey

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The Jersey City has variety of industries that are only popular in this specific area. If you provide a service or sell a product you could enjoy the benefits that Transfer Express International has to offer.

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E-commerce Customer Support
E-commerce Customer Support

In the digital arena of E-commerce, outstanding customer service isn't just a bonus – it's a game-changer. By building trust, personalizing experiences, and resolving issues effectively, we can help you turn your casual shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

We harness the power of technology, automation  of certain protocols, and data analytics to streamline processes and deliver exceptional service.

We also work deligently and help key metrics and KPIs to continually improve.

Let's explore the pivotal role of customer service in e-commerce for your success, we will help you with actionable strategies to help your online store thrive in the competitive landscape.

Elevate your E-commerce customer service and watch your business soar.



Boost Your E-commerce Analytics
prime example
Boost Your E-commerce Analytics

Let's connect the data with the number of customer service agents in an e-commerce setting. Assuming you have 100 customer service agents, here's a simplified breakdown of how to generaly destribute representatives to different types of customer inquiries:


  • Order Inquiries: 45 agents (45%)
  • Product Questions: 25 agents (25%)
  • Returns and Refunds: 15 agents (15%) 
  • Technical Issues: 10 agents (10%)
  • Shipping and Delivery: 5 agents (5%)


This information was used to create a pie chart that visually illustrates how customer service representatives allocate their time based on the types of inquiries they handle.

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