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There are several ways to forward your phones to Transfer Express. Here we will explore some of the most common methods of Call Forwarding that are outlined below. The forwarding process is facilitated through your phone provider, so they’re usually the best contact for troubleshooting if you run into any trouble. Of course, the Transfer Express International team is here for you, should you need extra help!

Easy Step by Step Guide


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Numbers

For VoIP services, you are usually able to forward your phone line by accessing your online account settings. If you’re unsure of how to access those settings on your phone provider’s website, we recommend contacting their support team for assistance on call forwarding howtos.



Traditional Landlines

This method of call-forwarding is typical for non-cellular phone providers.

To Activate Call Forwarding
STEP 1: Lift the handset on the line you desire to start forwarding and listen for a dial tone.
STEP 2: Press *72. (In some areas, sometimes *72 doesn’t work, if so, please try 72#).
STEP 3: At the tone, dial the forwarding number we provided to you.
STEP 4: When the call is answered, activation is complete!


To Cancel Call Forwarding
STEP 1: Lift the handset on the line you desire to un-forward and listen for a dial tone.
STEP 2: Press *73. (In some areas, sometimes *73 doesn't work, if so, please try 73#).
STEP 3: You will most likely hear a series of beeps (typically three) followed by the dial tone, indicating that call forwarding has been deactivated.



Forwarding an iPhone

You can typically follow the process below:

STEP 1: Locate the Settings menu, then select Phone.
STEP 2: From the Phone menu, select Call Forwarding.
STEP 3: Once you've opened the Call Forwarding menu, locate the slider that allows you to toggle forwarding ON and OFF.
STEP 4: Toggling "ON" will request you to enter the number you would like to forward to. Enter the new forwarding number that we provided to you.
STEP 5: Once you’ve entered that number, calls are now being successfully forwarded!

Certain cell phone service providers don’t allow call forwarding setting access through their iPhones, but there is an easy remedy! Simply dial *72 and your forwarding number right away, then hit send. When the call is answered, activation of the feature is complete!



Forwarding an Android


Forwarding methods for Android phones can generally vary depending on the type of phone that you use and/ or cell service provider. You should be able to find instructions for your particular phone by searching “[your phone make and model] [your cell service provider] call forwarding” using your favorite internet browser.



Remote Call Forwarding


This option gives you the special ability to forward your landline from anywhere, at any time, from any phone number. Forwarding this way is typically free through your phone provider.

STEP 1: They will provide you with a toll-free number.
STEP 2: You should dial this number from any phone (home phone, cell phone, office, etc).
STEP 3: After dialing this number, you will be prompted to enter a password.
STEP 4: After entering a password, you will be asked to enter the number you wish to forward to.
STEP 5: Then you can disconnect the call and your phone will be instantly forwarded.



Scheduled Call Forwarding


Scheduled call forwarding allows you to forward calls to us based on a custom schedule that you decide. Once the schedule is set, calls will forward and un-forward automatically. The forwarding would automatically turn ON and OFF based on the times that you set on the schedule. Please keep in mind that not all phone providers offer features such as scheduled call forwarding so reaching out to your provider directly first is the best way to find out if this is an option for you. While on the line, they’ll be able to set it up for you or walk you through precisely how to set up a schedule through your online portal.




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