Receptionist 101

Superior Virtual Receptionist Support for Your Business with Per Diem Service

Receptionists, Your Representatives.

The face of your business. In most cases usually the first point of contact for new customers or existing clients.

Trained professionals who manage the front end of an organization.

We truly believe in a 1 on 1 approach. Every caller is being handled with patience and responsibility. 

From an early selection of your Representatives, we review, read, and we examine all CVs, we conduct live interviews, to further the selection of talent, to Test and compare scores after all completed written exams, all the way to the final selection process, everyday training, and preparations. All of that we do is for you, just to have everything ready when you hit a button;


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 Come as you are. We are 100% ready! 

We are all here to take part in your unbelievable results. Tremendous success comes together with Transfer Express.  




Superior support for your business!



Per Diem Service is the perfect option for those looking to have service month by month.

No long-term contracts.

Easy to start. Within minutes you will have serious professional Representatives at your demand. 

This approach is used if you love having a Receptionist available on your behalf. 

With 24 / 7 / 365 Flexibility to choose what time works best for you. 


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Transfer Express Receptionists at Your Service

Transfer Express Receptionists at Your Service

Receptionists are ready to answer your calls, emails, chats, or anything else you are in need of, at your desire.

00 - 24 or selected hours, our advanced support and care for your callers are there from the first moment. 

Receptionists are focused on delivering results, your new best brand ambassadors will fulfill almost any request. 

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Best for the Best

Best for the Best

Transfer Express International provides business solutions at its finest.
With the headquarters in exclusive locations in the USA and Europe.

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 Per Diem Solution comes along with the easy 15 min setup time!

Together in a quest where we are providing elite customer care for your clients.

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