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There are various types of Call Centers. Having the Ultimate Knowledge we are excited to be covering all of them. Feel free to explore our Business Solutions and contact us for more! 


Let's dive right in; 


What is a call center job?

Call Center services that we provide offer a wide variety of departments, including but not limited to inbound and outbound calls, text, email, and chat support. 

With us having Golden Standards that are being followed daily, we are more than proud to show you how we take our job seriously. For us it is more than a job, it has become decades of hard work and tradition. 


Why are you claimed the best in the industry?

Constantly updating and working towards providing a seamless luxury experience for any and all of our clients, Transfer Express International strives for a history of long years of success in every aspect of the business.
Our original ideas, new innovations, and confirmed superior results move us forward leagues ahead.   

Representing today's best modern call center, and the most useful business communications solutions worldwide. Learn more About Us




Per Diem Service  vs  Prime Service

Depending on the service that you prefer, Per Diem Service or Prime Service are both perfectly designed to help you bring customer service to a whole new level. Hire Representatives that will follow your vision and business progression in order to overdeliver on the results you had in mind. 

It is very known that we do the most, as one of our goals is to overachieve every single expectation. Solutions that we provide are available for everyone, Reach out now to get a free analysis done by experts, just make an inquiry.


Transfer Express International has a message for you: Hire Representatives to work from our Call Center and elevate your business today!



Some of our solutions for your business or personal needs include specialized professionally trained individuals in other words Receptionists. These specialists can be hired Per Diem. This means, in itself, no long-term contracts. This option allows you to find support for yourself and your business in a matter of minutes. Once you make a fast inquiry, we will connect with you and take you through an easy step-by-step process and boost you with additional help and assistance that Receptionists will bring and provide.



Phone, Email, and Chat including all other tasks. Dedicated to you, accomplishing not only your business but your personal needs. With support like no other, our success team will make sure you are all set at any given moment. Fully customizable, made to fit. Prime Service presents an excellent example of total support coverage. 



Inbound Call Center

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The Call Center that Transfer Express International offers has been described as a cutting-edge telecommunications establishment. Our structure is designed to be able to cover and support any entity. All new technical outfits that are in place together with world-famous Representatives set apart our Call Center.

Read more about the Value Of Outsourcing with Transfer Express International. 

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